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Sosa wildlife art gallery. A World Gallery.Bulletin______Wednesday, May 04, 2005

To the friends of my Gallery:
I am proud and happy to start editing this my first bulletin with the object of anticipating my ultimate paintings to all you who have subscribed. I will also try to wander about the emerging genre of wildlife painting, although my paintbrushes and the countryside don't give me much time left. Trying not to pelt your mail with too much information, I'll try to shorten this page as much as possible introducing reduced images of the paintings. By clicking on them you will be transferred to its web page in case you want more details. I hope you enjoy my paintings as I suffered creating them. As always there are originals and fine prints on canvas availble directly from my web gallery

Thank you all for your support

New paintings. ( Available ):

– Osprey –
137,5 x 110,5 cms.(55" x 44,2")

It is one of my biggest oil paintings. I have always wanted to portrait this beautiful masked eagle. This time I have removed any reference but its own intimate element, a sky painted in the most romantic style, at dusk and full of cirrus and cumulus. The painting is to be exhibited his year at Birds in Art, the most prestigious exhibition in the world in this genre organized every year by the Lawkey Art Museum of Wisconsin (USA) exhibiting all over the States for one year.

– Brook and Ferns –
Pinar de Lillo.( Leon-Spain). 38,8" x 31,2" (97 x 78 cms)

Few things can we find as relaxing as gazing a mountainous watercourse. This one crosses the painting in a diagonal arrangement. The sun leaks through the branches in this wonderful gorgeous forest in northern Leon. I could resist including any animal in spite of being accompanied by wagtails, kingfishers and blackbirds while painting it.

– Surveying –
(Peregrine falcon) 41,5 x 33,5 cms.

One of my favourite birds of pray in my oil paintings. Maybe it is because there are a couple of these birds living in the woods around my studio in Valdemaqueda. I usually observe this pose in the evenings when I look through my telescope from the balcony of my house.

– Sunset among spanish pines –
Forests of Valdemaqueda (Spain).
38,8" x 31,2" (97 x 78 cms)

New Paintings. ( Not available ):

– Kestrel –
38 x 29 cms. Oil on panel.

– Ruffed grouse –
63 x 63 cms. (25”x25”). Oils on canvas


– Scavenger Birds of Spain –
63 x 44 cms.

Although it&Mac226;s more than six years since I decided to set illustrating aside to give full time to oil painting, I like popping in again from time to time just for pleasure. In this case it I was asked to do it by my good friends in Grefa (group for the recovery of auctochthonous fauna) and The Biodiversity Foundation whose titanic efforts for the conservation of our wild life is highly commendable. I accepted this project for it&Mac226;s originality and because I -and many others- consider these birds as a treasure or our fields. After the famine these birds suffered as a consequence of the "mad cows"crisis, the Spanish government has finally regularized the opening of the middens these birds used to satiate with dead cattle. This is the main aim of the illustration and the full information on the back.

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