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Fine prints and original Oil and Watercolor paintings.

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corzo lobos_la_manada lince_iberico lince_en_la_niebla122x67
In the deep forest Wolves Herd in the Mist Iberian lynx Lynx in the Myst
lince_y_perdiz lobo_en_niebla rebeco_y_nieve lobos
By a feathers The Encounter Chamois - looking for last sun rays Wolves of the North
armino zorro_nieve nutria lobos_descansando116x81
Ermine and wall December in the Oaks Forest Otter Wolves at dawn
lince.iberico liebre_en_nieve rebeco_ovalo2 gato_montes_2
The Last Lynx Hare and snow Chamois oil portrait Wild Cat II

1-16 | 17-32 | 33-48 | 49-52

Fine prints on Quality heavy paper of all paintings, printed with eight colors with the continuous tone Epson 9600 plotter, considered worldwide the best machine in the world for giclee printing. All the process is controlled directly by the painter with accurate reproduction in all the details.
Museum inks used, don't fade in 85-100 years.

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