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Monastery of Tella. Ordesa National Park - Spain
Monastery of Tella



- Monastery of Tella -
Ordesa National Park - Spain

• Oil on canvas 67 x 65 cms Manuel Sosa © 2006

Tella, which is in the area of influence of the National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido, has always been linked to the mystery and legend. The Wolf Man Mountain Rock Silvan Tella, the Puntón Witches ... They say the old place in the dolmen Tella witches met many years ago and performed covens. They smeared with ointments and aphrodisiacs plants and danced around the goat representing the devil.
The hermitage of San Juanipablo is at the foot of Puntón Halloween. It was consecrated in 1019 by Bishop Borrell of Roda de Isábena. It is a beautiful temple by the simplicity of its construction. The union of the two saints seemed necessary to fight the magic of the place, meeting place of covens of witches and parties.


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